When I met Linda I felt half a person I was at rock bottom, I hated who I was and felt lonely, angry and frustrated. She believed in me and helped me to face my fears and gave me a foundation that I didn’t have before. She gave me nutritional plans, structure, motivation, knowledge, inspired me and helped to put me back together.

Linda is the first person who has helped me to have regular bowel movements and get rid of bloating and acne. I highly recommend her as she dedicated 100% to my needs and was very caring and a good listener.

The biggest result I got was that I don’t hate myself when I look in the mirror and I feel confident and in control of my life!!

I went to see Linda to discuss my needs and goals regarding Crohn’s Disease surgery, and she helped me to decide on a plan of action. We discussed about what life might be like post-surgery and also how I could support this transition through diet, lifestyle choices and mind-set. In other words re-framing things, distancing myself from toxic relationships and putting my own needs first whenever possible.

Linda is unlike other nutritionists I’ve seen because she does not approach food from an enemy/cure perspective. I’ve met a lot of people who see food as the ‘answer’ to healing and I find this very one dimensional.

Linda’s approach is from a much wider angle, as she looks at me as a whole person and is curious and interested in my view of myself and my world and works alongside me. She has a natural empathy and a real gift at connection.

Linda recognise the ‘right here, right now’ is the best way to begin and to move forward. She is adept at building solutions rather than simply ‘problem solving’; and can see the bigger picture. She drills down into what the client needs and wants and she uses that as a way of focusing and driving things forward.

The best thing I got from seeing Linda is having surgery rather than simply sitting on the fence for years. As this has propelled me forward and helped me to make other positive decisions in my life. I have also sorted out my diet and it has remained a sustaining way to live and feel nourished.

I have just completed 12 sessions with Linda over 3 months. I contacted her initially because I wanted to lose weight, and have done just that – over a stone and a half.

However, the time I spent with her has been about much more than nutritional advice, though there was plenty of that. Linda is an extremely skilled coach, and her expert guidance has been invaluable in helping me reconsider my own life and attitude to health.

I can honestly say that she has made a massive, positive difference in my life, and I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone wanting to restore balance and happiness to their world.

I contacted Linda as I needed to lower my blood sugar levels and lose some weight. She has helped me achieve this during a very stressful time whilst moving house. In fact in six weeks I lost 7 lbs where normally under stress I would have put weight on.

I’m going to call her Wonder Woman. Really looked forward to seeing her each week and she was always full of valuable advice and useful suggestions. Always cheerful and sympathetic, she has my highest recommendation.

After being initially diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease I was struggling both physically and mentally. After a long 6 months and making the decision not to go ahead with immune suppressants, I was introduced to Linda. She has helped in so many ways but more importantly has provided me with the steps and know how to keep my illness under control! After being introduced to Linda it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I know that if I have any questions or worries she is only a phone call away.

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